Grower's Cup Coffeebrewer - Tanzania 啡農杯便攜式手沖坦桑尼亞咖啡包

The coffee beans, or seeds as they actually are, normally come in pairs of two and are called flatbeans. But our Tanzania coffee is a “peaberry” coffee, which means that there is only one small pea-like bean inside the fruit.

Usually peaberries would be separated from the normal flat beans, as they differ in both size and texture, therefore behaving differently during the roasting process. 


咖啡原產地:  Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
合作社/農場:   Yetu
海拔: 1700-2000 m.a.s.l.
品種: Bourbon, Kent
處理方法: 水洗
烘焙度: 中深
風味: 橙, 巧克力, 酥皮餅


每包可沖泡杯數: 2
沖泡溫度: 95°C
沖泡時間: 4-8 分鐘
可循環使用: 清空, 清洗, 加咖啡粉


淨重: 20克