Grower's Cup Coffeebrewer - Mexico 啡農杯便攜式手沖墨西哥咖啡包

This organically grown coffee is produced by a community of farmers from Jaltenango, Chiapas. In 2011 these farmers joined together to financially survive the coffee rust disaster. Since then, they have been investing together in the renewal of their farms and benefiting from each other’s experiences.

The coffee grows between 1200 and 1500m above sea level, therefore SHG/Strictly High Grown coffee. Harvesting is done by hand between the month of January and April. 


咖啡原產地: Jaltenango, Mexico
合作社/農場:   Finca El Flamingo
海拔: 1200-1500 m.a.s.l.
品種:  Sarchimore, Caturra, Bourbon, Geisha, Oro Azteca
處理方法: 水洗
烘焙度: 深
風味: 焦糖, 杏仁, 紅蘋果


每包可沖泡杯數: 2
沖泡溫度: 95°C
沖泡時間: 4-8 分鐘
可循環使用: 清空, 清洗, 加咖啡粉


淨重: 20克