Grower's Cup Coffeebrewer - Congo 啡農杯便攜式手沖剛果咖啡包


The Kivu region offers an exceptional situation for coffee growing. The complexity of the soil, the high altitude, the rainfall conditions and the reflection of the sun's rays on the lake make the coffees from this region unique.

They are then manually harvested by small producers before being processed, de-pulped and sorted. After harvest, the cherries are fully washed processed and then pulped with traditional machines. The coffee is then routed in the farm "Kakondo", at 35 km in the North East of Bukavu where it is sorted.
Thanks to the exceptional weather conditions it enjoys, this coffee is considered a "great cru" for amateurs and discoverers of great terroirs.


咖啡原產地:   Kivu, Congo
合作社/農場:   Bonobo
認證: 有機
海拔: 1500-2000 m.a.s.l.
品種: Pure Arabica
處理方法: 水洗
烘焙度: 淺
風味: 焦糖, 檸檬, 巧克力


每包可沖泡杯數: 2
沖泡溫度: 95°C
沖泡時間: 4-8 分鐘
可循環使用: 清空, 清洗, 加咖啡粉


淨重: 20克