Grower's Cup Coffeebrewer - Nicaragua 啡農杯便攜式手沖尼加拉瓜咖啡包

 Nueva Segovia region is located in the North of Nicaragua. With its mountainous terrain, beautiful waterfalls, densely forested areas, hot springs and verdant coffee plantations, this region is one of three coffee growing regions in Nicaragua. The region itself is smaller than the more well-known Matagalpa or Madriz areas. But the region offers perfect growing conditions: shade, fertile soil, high elevations, and of course, careful cultivation and processing.

Coffees from this region have been dominating Cup of Excellence competitions. In 2018, the top 5 winning coffees were produced in Nueva Segovia.Round about 95% of Nicaragua’s coffee farmers are small-scale producers. They own farms with an average of three hectares. Coffee cherries are generally harvested from November through March.



咖啡原產地:  Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
海拔: 1300-1700 m.a.s.l.
品種: Pure Arabica
處理方法: 水洗
烘焙度: 中
風味: 黑糖, 可可, 巧克力


每包可沖泡杯數: 2
沖泡溫度: 95°C
沖泡時間: 4-8 分鐘
可循環使用: 清空, 清洗, 加咖啡粉 


淨重: 20克